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I want it by no means died, however the useless ought to keep useless. I hate that there’s like 20 copyright strikes on this video so I can not do away with adverts. Welcome to capitalism children.

All credit score to authentic uploader and creators

Do not milk a useless cow – or one thing like that

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Vine descriptions:
“I do not sing within the bathe I carry out” man performing in bathe to Fergalicious
“It is an avocado thanks”
zoom stick a lot of zoom stick
fourth of july curler skater american streets curler blades dancing
Darth vader taking part in A Thousand Miles I want you I miss you keyboard
I love to do it do it Madagascar shia labeouf
man leaping into ball cage in retailer
WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD waking up man and secret boyfriend
air noodles saving one another
haikyuu oikawa crane sport head
Neon Genesis Evangelion piano “Excellent” “I do know”
duck military vs. snowman military
One route he took a chonce WHAT THE FUCK IN A CHONCE
sticky hand steels paper
canine in sweater strolling to “carry attractive again”
CD glasses man “its a tough knock life”
I dont communicate americano large blow up fits dance
man taking part in recorder to music in automobile iconic
are you able to guys say colorado IM A GIRAFFE iconic
sail on keyboard fail
John Cena not cursing “bologna fudging mustard”John cenas life is being ruined by the web
staying alive grimm reaper on a bumper automobile
kitten transferring its paws and being cute
spaghetti kiss vine
child falls on mattress to rock music
stunning canine in leaves
guys in blankets dancing to “he comes around the globe”
duck military remix
tubs working to anime cat working to anime
no homo cuddles
dance ladies dancing to shrek
good and pure omelette flip
all about that base no treble irl
Beyonce dancing to spooky scary skeletons
man mocks chickens chickens mock man
cat says hello to everyone within the cutest means attainable
man being chased by kittens
its a kitten in a field
owl being petted and making cute noises
cat does not need to go on a stroll
hen caught in cardboard cone and runs into issues
fats cat rolls
cat scared by automobile horn
sleepy pug
child with child pug
that is my kitty cat that is his kitty fats it goes pat pat pat
mop across the kitten
yass cat needs deal with
trumpet music however it’s a man’s nostril
bringing grades as much as ceiling
christmas venus fly entice
dinosaur you’re feeling so good cat
sand guardian
canine dances to dub step
bullying synthetic intelligence
goat yelling hey
goats in again of automobile
man does not need to be a part of an anime
getting loopy for brand new years
cup music curse man screaming
he doen’t deserve you now go minimize off his dick
man attempting to placed on a fitted sheet
ghost ow fuck whos there no one fuck off
I heard you had been speaking shit about me
baseball nightmare
are you ingesting pepsi for breakfast I am doing higher than you
donald trump bing bing
why are there sneakers within the fridge
can we smoke in calss
helium balloons within the automobile Scottish guys
mothers be like its not the airplane its simply da spoon
black eyed peas DO IT shia lebouf
goofy wake me up inside
I taught a robotic easy methods to worry scholar loans
swing from the chandelier animal deer scream
wii mii music is lit
cant discover happiness
man performs violin when he is unhappy
prank and throw egg at guys head
ship my compliments to the chef
meghan eats all of the sweet
we might of had all of it duck military
each man thinks he is entitled to my vagina if im good to him screaming
totally different hi there songs saying hi there to one another
forgetting about being chased by a serial killer
child disappear beneath faculty parachute
selfie bombed japanese
rolling off the bed (actually me each morning)
information reporter is terrified by a big bug becasue of the warmth
dying word man falls of motorbike and dies
that is homosexual weve been courting for…
squeaky rubber duck comes out of fellows mouth
a coronary heart felt ending to this vine


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